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Anno 1809

Ubi libertas, ibi patria.

Gerhard Hafner







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Anno 1809 - Blasorchester - Konzertmusik Blasorchester - Konzertmusik - Anno 1809
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Anno 1809 - Blasorchester - Konzertmusik

The tavern
Joseph Struber, born on February 13, 1773 as the son of Sonnenwirtsleute inwerfen, owned the Stegenwald inn on the Lueg pass. The impressive property was so important due to its location on the important trade route from Salzburg via Carinthia to Italy that Struber was one of the wealthiest residents in the otherwise poor Pongau district and thereby gained a certain amount of influence over his fellow citizens.

The rabble rouser
Father Joachim Haspinger, who urged the attack, wanted to go through the Lueg pass to Salzburg on September 17, 1809, in order to unite there with Josef Speckbacher, who was supposed to take action against the loser in the Salzkammergut, which is why Andreas Hofer saw that to restrain the Capuchin Haspinger from his idiosyncratic actions. Although warned by Hofer, Haspinger was obsessed with his plan to advance offensively to the gates of Vienna and wrote to the k. k. commendable dishes inwerfen and St. Johann.
“The time has come when we must all join forces to attack the enemy of our beloved fatherland and show what brave, loyal, brave subjects are capable of doing for the inviolable rights of their beloved monarch.”
On! on too! to fight!”

The fight
On September 25, 1809, Joseph Struber, coming fromwerfen over the parts of the Tennengebirge, bypassed the Lueg Pass with his riflemen and fought the French-led Bavarian troops on their flanks. During the battle, he forced the enemy to retreat using an evasive maneuver at the Aschauer Bridge near Ofenauer Berg. The freedom fighter Peter Sieberer, who came from Pfarrwerfen, was also a crucial comrade-in-arms. During his advance, Sieberer initially encountered a Bavarian force that repelled his attack, but later he managed to penetrate the mountains and intervene in this battle. The Bavarian troops had to give up the pass and retreat towards Hallein. Only after the peace agreement on October 20, 1809 was the pass handed over to the French.

The freedom
On September 12, 1810, the French administration was dissolved and the state of Salzburg became part of Bavaria. Through the decisions of the Congress of Vienna, which sealed the end of the Napoleonic era, Salzburg became part of the Austrian Empire on May 1, 1816 with the Treaty of Munich